Vehicle Specs

With the help of the following illustrations, we would like to introduce you to the most common vehicle means. Deviations are possible depending on the manufacturer and model.


Payload approx.1.4 to

Volume17 m³

AVIA - Truck (7.5 to)

Length 6.10 m

Width2.45 m

Height2.40 m

Payload 3.5 to

Volume35 m³

Pitches15 Pal.


Length 13.60 m

Width2.45 m

Height2.70 m

Payload 24 to

Volume90 m³

Pitches33/34 Pal.


Length 13.60 m

Width2.48 m

Height3.00 m

Payload 24 to

Volume100 m³

Pitches33/34 Pal.

Trailer train

Length 6 m         8.10 m

Width2.48 m         2.48 m

Height2.95 m         2.80 m

Payload 10 to            14 to

Volume53 m³         61 m³

Pitches18 Pal.        20 Pal.

Cooler/Thermo Truck

Length 16.60 m

Width2.48 m

Height2.60 m

Cooling-20 degrees to

+24 degrees

Payload 22 to

Pitches33 Pal.

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